Why Wood Tiles Are the New Go-To Flooring Material

If you want to replace your kitchen floors with something a little more classy – a little more modern – and a little more maintenance-free, consider having wood tiles installed. Wood tiles are just what they sound like—tiles made to look like wood. However, unlike real wood floors, they are sleek, durable and easy to maintain. Whether you have small children and need floors that are spill proof or are single and frequently entertain guests, here are three good reasons you should invest in wood tiles today: 

They’re Moisture Resistant

The biggest concern that homeowners with wood floors have is how they can prevent mold and water damage. While real wood floors look beautiful, they’re simply not practical for families with small children, people that live in wet climates or even rooms that receive a lot of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wood tiles, however, resist moisture, and therefore are not prone to water damage and mold buildup as real wood is. 

They’re Easy to Maintain

Wood tiles are as easy to maintain as any tile floor. For one, they don’t require routine buffing in order to prevent aging. Like with tile, regular sweeping and mopping will do the trick. For two, if there is a spill, grab a paper towel and some 409 and wipe it up—no need to use special cleaning supplies. If someone tracks in dirt or mud, grab a mop and bucket or a spray mop and scrub the muck away. 

They Look Modern and Classy 

Wood tiles achieve the fairly difficult feat of looking both modern and classic at the same time. If you want floors that will stand the test of time and that won’t go out-of-date, wood tiles are the material for you. 

Wood looking tiles are becoming an increasingly popular flooring option and for good reason! They’re family friendly, easy to maintain and timeless. If you want to redo your kitchen floors, consider wood tiles.