How To Choose the Color for Your Residential Painting Project

Once you bite the bullet and decide you’re going to have your house painted, you want to be sure you’re going with the right color. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with selecting the right paint hue, but there are a few ways you can make the process more manageable. What’s most important is that you figure out the color you want to use before hiring your residential painter. 

To start your selection process, narrow it down into the main color groups you like, such as red, orange and yellow. From there, you can start looking at the various shades within those categories. At this stage, you can ask a professional house painter if they have any recommendations as to which colors work best on interiors and exteriors. You might also do a trial run with a few different colors in one of the smaller rooms in your home. 

If you’re still struggling and not ready to hand things over to a residential painter, you should go through your things and see what color you seem most drawn to. It’s possible that you’ve been subconsciously drawn to a certain shade of green and you’ll only realize it when you start looking through all your clothes and possessions. 

When you finally get to the store, you’ll be met with hundreds of color options that might cause you to start second guessing your choices. As long as you stay the course, you should come home with a shade you’ll be happy to give to your house painter. Just don’t let that contractor try to talk you into using a different color!

With a good residential painter and the right color paint, you can really enhance the look of your house and increase the curb appeal. Make sure you’re careful with the selection of both your paint color and painting contractor so you know you’re getting the best results.