The Advantages of Working With a Design Build Firm

When homeowners choose to remodel their homes, they often contract out the work to various firms, including a construction firm and a design firm. While this works for some people, it is often not in the budget for others. Furthermore, working with several different contractors often leads to miscommunication and therefore, mistakes. To prevent mistakes from being made with your kitchen remodeling project and to save money, consider working with a design build firm that provides both design and construction services. 

Here are just a few ways that you may benefit from working with a design-built construction firm: 

One Point of Contact 

Working with a designer and a construction manager can be overwhelming. For example, you may communicate to the designer what you want, but when they relay that to the construction manager, the manager has reasons for why it won’t work. The manager and designer change the design, at which point the designer brings it back to you. You make more changes and so on and so forth. By working with a design build firm, you can eliminate all that back and forth and streamline the collaboration process.   

Save Money

When you work with several different firms, you have to pay multiple consultation fees, hourly fees and countless other fees. When you work with a single firm, however, you only have to pay for a single consultation fee and one hourly or flat rate fee. 

Faster Turn-Around 

When homeowners work with both a design firm and a build firm, they find that the collaboration process can take weeks or even months. You can cut the collaboration time in half or even by three-quarters by working with one firm that does it all. Once that firm starts your project, there will be no need for them to stop mid-project to reach out to the designer for clarification or vice versa, thereby ensuring that your project is completed swiftly and efficiently. 

If you want to work with a single contractor, save money and ensure that your project is completed in a timely fashion, work with a design build firm today.