Discover the Perfect Paint Color for Your Space

Selecting the perfect paint color for each of your home’s rooms can be a painstaking process. If you’re lost and overwhelmed with the interior painting color choices, here’s an idea – look to the color wheel. The standard color wheel is a helpful tool to give you some possible ideas for shades that will work in your home.  

Similar or Analogous Hues

One direction to go with your interior painting color choices is to select paint all in the same color base. The main interior wall space could be one shade and the ceiling, trim or windowsills could be lighter or darker tints, tones or hues of the color. Another option is to choose analogous shades. These are colors that are right next to each other in the color wheel, such as blue and blue-green.

Complementary Colors

Some spaces create contrast and interest by using contrasting colors. On the color wheel, these are called complementary colors. The colors sit opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green. This combination creates a dramatic effect.

Near Opposite Shades

It may also work to pair colors that are near opposites on the color wheel. You can do this by starting with a color like blue and then looking across the color wheel for the exact opposite shade. Then, go either one shade to the left or the right, such as red-orange or yellow-orange, to get a secondary hue.

Furniture Tones

Additionally, look at your room’s current furnishings to get more ideas about interior paint shades. Consider the shades of your furniture when finding the right paint color for your walls and how the shades will complement each other.

Overall Feeling

Colors also emit a mood in your space. Bedroom and bathroom colors should aim to soothe and relax. Kitchen and dining room wall colors should convey warmth and happiness. For other rooms of the house, consider their purpose and possibilities.

Using color theory and the color wheel when choosing shades for interior painting is a great way to find hues that pair well together. Find the right combination with your contractor for your home.