Choosing the Best Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Considering the large assortment of paint colors on the market these days, it’s any wonder that people manage to pick one single color at all. However, choosing the right color for exterior painting projects should be a well thought out process, with various questions needing to be answered before the final decision is made. Read on to learn a few tips for deciding on the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home, and be happy to drive home to a beautifully painted house!

Grab Samples and Consider Trim to Match

Searching through sample books and narrowing down your options is a great start for determining the ultimate color that will grace your home. Many home improvement stores offer copious options for take-home samples to choose from at your own convenience. Meanwhile, some online sites now also offer displays of colors, yet seeing them in person is likely a better choice to see how the color blends against other colors and light sources. Once a color is chosen, leaving the house painters to purchase the paint is often the best plan, as they know how much to order and can acquire it for a cheaper bulk price.

Furthermore, once the base color is determined, deciding on a trim color to match the exterior painting is also important. Trim colors should generally be darker than the background wall colors so it stands out. However, many are known to simply stick with classic white or eggshell as a trim option to avoid clashing. 

Pick Well for the Neighborhood

Though the final decision should certainly be your choice as a homeowner, considering your neighbors before choosing a color is crucial as well. After all, they’ll be staring out at the various hues more often than you, and surrounding home values can actually plummet if even one home on the block is a blatant eyesore.

The color wheel continues to expand when it comes to exterior painting. Determining the best paint color for your home’s exterior should