It’s easy to take paint for granted, but it has a huge effect on every space. Gorgeous painting enhances the entire room, bringing together your furniture, decorations and lighting in a beautiful work of art. If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your home, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint is the perfect place to start. Here are a few interior painting techniques that are trending in 2020.

1. Ragging and Rag Rolling

These techniques give rooms a vintage feel. If you want your dream living room to look like a 1920s club, this type of interior painting is a great choice. It adds a pleasing texture and works wonderfully for accent walls and backdrops. Ragging involves adding one or more topcoats above a base coat of a lighter shade. Many homeowners choose a single topcoat color, but two or three different tones work well also.

2. Crackling

If you’re looking for an aged look, such as a Victorian-inspired design, crackling can help you achieve amazing flair. Crackling involves painting a complete layer of topcoat above the base coat and then allowing it to “crack” so the bottom layer shows through. This requires a special additive and careful timing for the best results. When applied correctly, crackling gives you a brightly colored spiderweb that contrasts beautifully with the top surface.

3. Color Washing

For artistic personalities, few painting styles look as stunning as color washing. This wet-on-wet fresco technique requires tons of experience and finesse, but the finished results are worth the effort. It’s all about subtly highlighting different tonalities of a single color. Color washing blends well with contemporary styles, minimalist designs and fantastic art.

These attention-grabbing interior painting techniques have a powerful effect on any design. They make a room feel more vibrant and luxurious. Of course, to end up with something gorgeous, you need to call a professional. Painting experts have the tools and experience to give you finished results that are truly breathtaking. They can even provide Italian accents such as metallic leafing.

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