Tips for Enjoying Amazing Exterior Paint

A lot of homeowners focus so much on interior decor that they forget how important exterior paint is. The outside of your home makes a huge difference to your design style, both from the curb and in the backyard. Choosing the right color matters, and so does making sure the job is done professionally. Follow these tips for a gorgeous home this year.

Decide Why You’re Painting

The first step is to know the reason you want new exterior paint. Are you getting ready to sell your house? Your goal for painting affects the decisions you make for color palette and style. Here are several things to consider:

  • To sell your home: Look online under current exterior painting trends to see the popular colors. Sometimes, bold colors are better for curbside appeal. Other times, buyers want contemporary neutrals for a sleek yet stylish look.
  • To entertain guests: When you do a lot of entertaining, you should think more about the patio than the front of the home. Choose colors and styles that create a wonderful ambiance in the backyard and match your deck or landscaping well.
  • To express your personality: This reason for painting gives you the most flexibility of all. Instead of worrying about what other people think, this option is about expressing your creative vision. Tropical colors or artistic palettes may not fit everyone’s tastes, but if they make you smile when you get home, that’s all that matters.

Choose the Right Exterior Paint

Not every type of paint for home exteriors is the same. Some have special formulas to prevent mildew growth. Others are designed for intense weather conditions. The right type of paint makes your life easier by reducing the amount of maintenance needed.

Talk to an exterior paint professional. That way, you get expert recommendations that are tailored specifically to your home and your goals.