How To Update Floors for Easier Resale

When you put your house on the market, you want it to be as appealing as possible. Dingy floors can make a bad impression, though. To potential buyers, worn-out flooring can even be a dealbreaker, particularly if there are several homes they are considering. Painting or refinishing floors can increase the interest in your home and boost the offers you receive.


For a classic appearance, you can’t go wrong with having your floors refinished. It can add elegance and refinement to any space. The restoration team starts by sanding them down to smooth out rough spots. Then they repair any remaining dents or damage. They stain the wood in layers, letting each one dry before applying the next coat. Once the desired shade is reached, they top it with a varnish to seal it. Throughout this process, they may need to sand spots between layers to maintain a smooth finish.


If you think that refinishing floors won’t produce the look you’re going for, consider painting them instead. This process not only tends to be less expensive but also offers more versatility in design than refinishing does. It only takes a few coats of paint to completely transform a room. For example, if you want to brighten up the space, light-colored paint is ideal. Professional painters know the right type of paint to use so that they don’t need to add a finish, allowing them to complete the whole process relatively quickly. 

Before you take pictures to accompany your home’s listing, you should make sure your floors are ready to impress. Painting or refinishing floors can improve the overall aesthetic of any room. Talk to a professional painter about the effect you want to achieve and the options he or she can offer to make it happen. You may be amazed at how many buyers notice and appreciate your beautiful new floors.