How To Prepare for Exterior Painting

To get the best results with exterior paint, there’s more involved than just grabbing a brush. It’s important to prepare for painting correctly. Some steps homeowners can handle beforehand, and other steps the painters will take care of when they arrive.

What Things Can You Do Yourself To Prepare for Painting?

One way you can prepare the work area is to remove things that are in the way. If possible, move outdoor furniture that is close to the house into the garage or onto the patio. Of course, if you can’t move these items, don’t worry. A professional painting company can usually cover them with plastic and work around them.

Get rid of any junk that is lying against the house, such as bags of grass clippings. Stacks of wood or similar items need to be moved as well so exterior paint is uniform.

How Do Professional Painters Prepare the Work Surface?

The first step is to get rid of dirt and grime. This generally involves using a power washer with detergents to deep clean siding or brick. In the case of siding that is too delicate for pressure washing, painters may use a scrub brush with water.

If any mildew is present, it needs to be treated with special chemicals that kill the spores. When used by a professional, these products are perfectly safe for exterior surfaces. This process keeps mold or mildew from growing underneath the paint.

Stubborn paint may need to be removed by scraping or with a wire brush. Professionals can use a rotary paint remover to get rid of built-up layers quickly and ensure the exterior is smooth.

What About Damaged Siding?

Older homes may have siding that is cracked or damaged. Before applying exterior paint, these defects need to be repaired. Most of the time, the painting company can perform the necessary fixes and leave the surface ready to go.