Refreshing Your House With a Fresh Coat

With the weather getting warmer, the opportunity to complete more home improvement projects increases. There’s no time like the summer to work on the exterior of your house. The appearance of your residence says a lot about its value and how well it has been maintained. Exterior painting or restoring the siding is an important step in home maintenance and boosting curb appeal. Here are some things you should know.

Repainting Your Home

Your house’s exterior takes a beating from weather elements, especially during the winter. The warmer months offer you the opportunity to give your home’s some TLC with exterior painting. Whether you go with the same colors or choose something new, it is recommended that you hire professional painting contractors to give your home a much-needed refresh. Painting a house comes with operational hazards, especially a multi-story structure. The pros have the experience and the equipment to give your home the fresh look that it deserves.

 Restoring Your Siding

For homes with siding, you can refresh the look with a new staining job. The siding also experiences wear and tear from weather events, leaving it streaky and uneven. Today’s staining methods can last for up to 5 years, making siding restoration a worthwhile investment. A bonus is that today’s products are also eco-friendly. Best of all, a professional contractor can clean, strip and stain your siding as part of a single job.

Decking The Deck

A deck is a major part of your house’s exterior and it is also subject to the harsh treatment of the weather. There’s nothing quite like a new stain coat to make your deck look like new. A professional deck staining provider makes sure that the deck is stripped, sanded and stained properly for a long-lasting look you’re sure to love.

As we move toward warmer days, this is a good time to begin planning projects that refresh and improve your home’s appearance. Responsible ownership includes exterior maintenance. Exterior painting, siding restoration and deck staining are some of the ways to keep your home looking fresh.