Factors to Consider When Painting Home Exteriors

Changing the exterior look of your home can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work. To be painted properly, exteriors take some extra steps and special efforts. Many people think they can do it on their own but get into trouble with the attempt. You would be better off hiring a professional who understands all the factors involved with home exterior painting.


Choosing the right color is a key part of the whole process. Color choice can set a specific mood and create a certain look and you want the right mood and look for your home. You can trust your local painting professionals to guide you to the ideal color options because they know how the finished product will look. They also have a good idea about what the different colors mean to people and do for homes in your immediate area.

Exterior Material

The materials used to build your home vary and the paints that you have to use on those different materials do too. First and foremost, you should use paint made specifically for the exterior that contains anti-mildew and anti-fading properties. Interior paint is often made for easier cleaning and has properties that will not hold up well against wet weather. The type of siding should also influence exterior painting choices. For instance, wood siding takes paint or stain designed specifically for porous materials versus non-porous ones like vinyl.

Preparation Beforehand

The work done before the painting is what really sets a home apart. To paint a home exterior, you must first suitably prepare the surfaces that you intend to paint. Power washing is the best way to adequately clean house exteriors but it must be done correctly or it could damage the outside of your home. Professional painters have the skills to effectively wash your home before applying the paint and ensure your paint job both looks good and lasts.

Exterior painting takes special knowledge and skills. You must choose the appropriate colors, use the correct type of paint, and take the proper steps beforehand to truly do it right.