Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Reception Deck Awaits You

More people are choosing to host small, private weddings on their properties. To ensure they have a comfortable gathering space and a perfect spot for taking pictures, many couples embark on deck building as part of their marital plans. If you intend to marry soon and you’re looking into at-home celebration options, here are a few reasons you should consider building a new deck.

Safety Concerns

Many people share concerns about celebrating indoors and in large numbers. A large deck makes it possible to host more people in the great outdoors. If you already have an old deck, building a new deck also helps ensure you and your guests are safe. Decks do deteriorate over time and may collapse under the pressure of extra weight.

Photogenic Scenery

When looking for a beautiful backdrop for your at-home wedding photos, your deck can provide this and so much more. Even if you do not have a beach, lake or forest surrounding your home, a good photographer can turn your deck photos into a masterpiece for your photo album. From bright and cheerful afternoons to evenings with sunsets and silhouettes, the possibilities are endless. Consider how you plan to use it when deck building.

Long-term Usage

Long after your wedding has passed, you will find your deck still serves many purposes. You may have dinner on the deck when the weather is nice and celebrate candle-lit anniversaries there. One day, the deck may even host the pitter patter of the tiny feet of children. At this point, the couple may decide to revisit deck building plans to expand the outdoor living space.

It may feel tempting to plan your design around the wedding, but it is best to begin your design choices with the existing style of the home. Otherwise, even the most beautiful deck may begin to look out of place. Ask your contractor about ensuring the structure blends well into the rest of the property.