3 Materials To Ask Your Deck Builder About


A deck is a great way to enjoy your yard or host friends for a barbeque. A quality built deck from a professional deck builder will last for many years, provided you select the right material for construction. When it comes to the supports and floor beams of the deck, you have several options.

Composite Material

As an alternative to wood, composite deck relies on a combination of both wood fibers and synthetic plastics. This gives the decking a natural look of wood but with additional strength and durability from the plastic components. Your deck won’t splinter and rot like a fully wood deck, adding years to its use. Homeowners like composite decks for the reason but also becuase of the environmentally friendly process of construction. Composite wood has a high composition of recycled materials.

Wood Material

The more traditional and natural look of a wood deck makes it easy to select a number of customized options to perfectly blend with the home. Your deck builder will use pressure-treated wood to limit termite damage and decay, but continual exposure to moisture will have a damaging effect over time. Yearly maintenance is required to slow down this damage. However, with a wood deck, you can select a stain or paint that matches the style or color or your home.

Vinyl Material

Another low maintenance and affordable option, vinyl decks are long-lasting. They don’t require painting or staining, and boards can be ordered in just about any color. The boards are designed to look like wood though they don’t have any wood components. They resist heat build-up in the summer, and they are quite safe in the rain due to the slip-resistant finish. These decks won’t splinter, either.

Choosing the right deck material is as important as choosing the right deck builder. With professional help, select a material that you will be able to easily maintain and one that will stand up to the weather conditions of your area.