What Color Should Your Choose for Exterior Paint?


Exterior paint colors say a lot about your personality and your family. What things can help you make a smart choice? Here are several factors an exterior painter will mention.

Your Lifestyle

You and your family should feel comfortable at home. That’s the most important thing. Unless you’re planning on putting your home on the market, you should think about your own preferences more than what other people will think.

Does white bring back fond memories of your childhood country home? Go with it. Do you want to make a bold statement that’s exciting? Feel free.

Your Home’s Overall Style

Certain homes look better with specific types of colors. For example, if you have a beach house, laid-back pastels and neutral tones fit the ambience. A home in the woods may look more rustic with warmer colors. Of course, you should always follow your design vision.

Your Exterior Materials

If part of the home has brick or wood, take the time to thick about the color combination once painting is done. Many exterior painter companies can show you samples or pictures to help you visualize.

Your Neighbors

It’s not that you need to ask permission to go bold with paint colors. It’s just that neighboring houses can create strange color combinations depending on how close they are to yours. If a neighbor’s home is bright green, you may not want a yellow house just because of the way both look together.

Your Favorite Trends

A great way to choose paint colors for your home is to look at trending pictures online. Places like Instagram and Pinterest offer lots of images for inspiration. If you fall in love with a certain color, save the picture and show it to your exterior painter.

A painting company can also help you see what certain colors look like in the real world. This is important because not all hues look the same once they’re applied.