Discover How Dark Paint Enhances Interiors

You may have heard that you should avoid using dark paint inside rooms, but this is a myth. There are many ways that dark paint can truly enhance an interior space and add drama, depth and definition. Professional painters know how deeper and richer colors work in different spaces and they can advise you about how to best use these tones to enhance the rooms within your home. Interior painting and exterior painting can each make the most of the design benefits that come from using a darker shade of paint.

Keep in mind that dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, navy blue or brown. It’s perhaps more accurate to describe dark paint as color that is brighter, richer and deeper than traditional light tones and pastels. That being the case, you shouldn’t rule out bright tones like a sunflower yellow or the depth that comes from a dark burnt orange. Bright colors can really energize a room, while earthy tones can bring a sense of comfort.

Large rooms are great spaces to experiment with rich color palettes. Because the walls offer so much surface area, you can have painters apply the darker colors in specific areas. Sometimes a striking border can really give a room a sense of elegance. Deep jewel tones can add drama to a livingroom or dining area. Bedrooms can be excellent rooms for customizing darker colors to the personalities of an individual. Kids especially enjoy bold interior painting to decorate their spaces.

A darker shade that entirely covers a smaller space can give the perception that the space is smaller than it actually is. However, you can still use dramatic colors to great effect by applying them strategically. One dark wall can make for a striking accent. Exterior painting with dark tones can be a good alternative if your interiors are predominantly small.  

Next time you’re ready to hire painters to give your home a fresh look, don’t rule out dark colors. When a dark tone is matched to the room and its furnishings, it can be a wonderful design complement.