Weathered & Warping: Restoring Your Wood Deck


When a deck is new, it is often the envy of the neighborhood. It’s a place to sip lemonade on a warm summer day, and it’s a place to host lively parties well into the night. Unfortunately, the rich glow of a new wood deck does not last forever, and eventually it will need deck repair. Here’s how to tell when you need a new deck. (Spoiler alert: if you’re reading this, you probably do!)

The first sign of a decrepit deck is the signature bend, or warp, of the wood. You can often see this from several feet back, as the deck sags in the middle. This is often caused by support beams that are in poor condition. Over time, exposure to water and moisture can weaken the wood, making it give way.

Another tell-tale sign that you need deck repair is termites. The insects burrow their way through wood, leaving it unsound and unsafe. They move swiftly, and damage that begins as minor can quickly compromise the entire deck.

You can also tell you need a new deck by walking on it. Does the wood feel spongy? Are boards coming loose? Do nails and screws not stay in the wood very well? These are all signs that you need to fix your deck.

Fortunately, sometimes a wood deck will only need a few localized repairs, and not an entire deck replacement. If termites are caught early, only small sections need to be repaired. Likewise, if rot is only affecting one part of the deck, that section is the only thing that needs to be replaced.

After your deck repair is finished, you should try to preserve it. Have a pest control company inspect it regularly for termites. Also use a water-resistant finish that will repel moisture. Finally, be sure that the substructure of your deck is not susceptible to the elements; keep an eye on how water is draining around your deck.

If you watch for signs that you need a deck replacement and keep good maintenance habits, your deck will look its best for many summer parties to come.

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