Looking for an affordable way to update your interior? If your home needs a breath of fresh air, consider interior painting services. Fresh paint can give your entire home the new look and feel you need. Don’t be afraid to dream big and choose your own interior design colors as you work with a professional painter.

Choose Emotionally

This may go against most decision-making tips you’ve heard in the past, but it’s absolutely true for paint. Paint is an emotional option and you should choose the colors that match the emotion you wish to capture. Go for calming, relaxing colors in your bedrooms and bright, inviting ones in your kitchen and living room. Think about how you want to feel in each room of your home and use that to make your color decisions.

Work With Complementing Colors

While the basic color scheme can be chosen emotionally, there are a few tricks that can guide you. Choose complementing colors to create visual interest throughout your home. Choose your interior painting accent colors with a color wheel to find colors that work well together.

Look for Your Inspiration

Most professional interior designers work with an inspirational piece. This can be a carpet, furniture piece or wall hanging. Look at the textures and colors in this inspirational piece to find several complementing colors that may work well on your walls and trim.

Don’t Overlook Neutral Colors

If you’re designing your interior paint for the first time, it can be tempting to go with bright, bold colors throughout your home. Don’t forget to use neutral colors to avoid too many loud, clashing colors.

Work With a Professional Painter

A professional painter can make your interior painting ideas come to life and assist you in selecting the best colors to achieve the look and emotion you want. Work with a local professional to enjoy hassle-free painting services that improve the look and feel of your home.

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