Are you tired of living with stark, white walls or a less-than-inspired boring color? Perhaps the idea of going bright and bold with your wall color excites you, but committing to a new shade leaves you feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. The truth is that interior painting is one of the simplest ways to refresh your living space and a new color scheme need not strike fear in your heart. Here’s some suggestions for choosing the perfect shade you’ll love.

Focus on the Basics To Pinpoint Your Favorites

If you’ve ever visited the paint department of a home improvement store, chances are high you’ve experienced the overwhelming sense of not being able to pick that just-right wall color. A great way to narrow your choices is eliminating colors you already know won’t be for you. Keep in mind the basic colors available: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Most other hues are simply a variation from these shades. Automatically rule out colors that aren’t your taste and that you couldn’t imagine looking at every day. Instead, choose your favorites and focus on shades in those color categories.

Balance the Color in Your Space

Do you love a rich red or brilliant blue, but fear they’ll overwhelm your room? Dark or ultra-colorful shades don’t have to be nixed immediately. Instead, paint samples on walls to determine how they’ll appear in your space and consider all your interior painting options. Consider one accent wall painted in a favorite, opulent color or experiment with trim painting without committing to a full room of the hue.

Prepping and Picking a Finish

Don’t overlook the importance of prepping and priming your walls before that first coat is applied. The right painting professional understands the need to start with clean walls that are first covered in a primer. This ensures a quality paint job you’ll enjoy for years, or at least until the urge hits to try a new shade.

Follow these pointers and contact an interior painting professional to achieve a look that breathes fresh air into your room and makes it a space that beckons you to sit back, relax and enjoy.

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