Keeping the paint where it is supposed to go may sound like an easy task, but anyone that has held a spray gun knows that it is not as easy as it looks. Not only does the machine sometimes sputter and send big clumps out when it is meant to be a fine mist, but it can also suddenly shoot out a huge clump onto a prominent area that was expected to be uniformly painted. Here are some of the secrets professional house painters use to protect areas from unwanted paint splashes.

Plastic Sheets

Some professional painters like to use plastic sheeting instead of tarps because the plastic is light weight and can be discarded after every job. However, the sheets are thin, so they should not be relied on to protect the floor from paint. However, the sheets are great for sealing the doorway of a room from another.

Drop Clothes

Most professional residential painters will tell you the drop cloths are a life saver when it comes to keeping paint where it is supposed to go. Used to cover floors, furniture, and anything else that can be affected by any loose paint droplets in the air, the clothes are critical. A painter can use more than 20 in a single small room, or around the outside of a house, when he or she needs to cover furniture, flooring, or plants. Although the cloths come in many sizes, there are just a few dimensions that the professional painters prefer, including the 8-foot by 12-foot size.

Masking Tapes

Using masking tapes and papers is a professional preference for painters, but some don’t like the time it takes to tape windows, metal flashings, and any other sensitive area. It can also be important to set up a wind guard when painting a home’s exterior, so the paint doesn’t fly onto your neighbor’s house.

Call in a professional residential painter when you have a room that needs repainting, or the exterior of your house needs a face lift. The professional can make sure the paint goes where it is supposed to and stays there.

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