You have decided to add a new deck to your home. Once upon a time, choosing materials was easy. Wood was the only option. Today there are many choices of materials to consider for your deck construction. Here are some great options to consider

Pressure-Treated Wood

If keeping costs down is your primary concern, then pressure-treated wood is the best option. It is the number one choice for deck materials, with about 75% of all decks being constructed from it. Downsides to using this affordable material are that is has a short life of 10-15 years and is prone to warping, splitting and cracking. Pressure-treated wood will require regular cleaning, painting or staining.


Cedar and redwood are classic materials for deck construction and known for their natural beauty. Some will tell you these are the only materials that should ever be considered for deck building due to naturally occurring pest and rot resistance. The cost of these materials is moderate. Softwood decks have a life expectancy similar to pressure-treated wood ones. Annual treatment of softwood decks is required.


Durable and dense, tropical hardwoods are an expensive material for decks often found in high-end construction. Woods such as ipe, cumaru, and mahogany can be difficult to work with and resist stain, but the finished deck can dazzle with natural beauty. Properly cared for, hardwood decks will have a longer life than those made from softwood. In order to prevent the wood from fading and taking on a silvery gray appearance with age, application of clear coat protectant is required every few years.

Synthetic Material

Synthetic building materials can range from being comprised of some wood to completely synthetic. Synthetics made with wood can retain some of the natural look. Based on the type of synthetic chosen, prices can range from moderate to very high. Synthetics are the favorite of those looking for very low maintenance since they don’t require the painting, staining and coating of wood.

Careful consideration of materials for your deck construction is an important step in building what is best for your home.

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