Presenting your home in the best possible light will attract more market attention and likely command a higher sales price. Before listing your property for sale, complete these XX major and minor repairs, from interior painting to XX, to make sure your home makes the best possible impression on potential buyers.


New paint is one of the best ways to make your home look clean and fresh, especially if you’re on a budget. Choose a neutral color that will allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home, no matter what their preferred aesthetic. Before painting, patch any holes or cracks in the wall.

Damage Repair

Even if you’ve lived with that leaky faucet for months, small issues like these may lead buyers to assume that the property is not well-maintained. Other items that should be addressed include cracked or broken windows, cabinet pulls and door handles, old window treatments and dated light fixtures. Replace appliances that no longer work before listing the home.

New Flooring

Most buyers are turned off by old, stained or worn carpet. If that describes your flooring situation, you may want to replace carpeting or at least have it deep-cleaned before home showings begin. Modern home shoppers typically prefer wood or tile floors that provide easy care. If you already have hardwood but it’s not in great shape, consider refinishing.

Roof Replacement

If the roof of your home is damaged or nearing the end of its life, it’s often advantageous to replace the roof before selling. Few buyers want to purchase a property that will immediately need this costly repair. If you do opt to sell the home as is, you may have the lower the price by much more than what a new roof would cost.

Save time and ensure great results by hiring professionals for big projects like interior painting. Seek quotes for these jobs from a qualified firm in your area.

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