A brand-new hue can transform your bedroom from a drab domain to a serene oasis. When it comes to interior painting, sometimes the hardest part is choosing the right color. Here are our five favorite bedroom paint color ideas.

Deep Teal

Blue is calming but can feel a bit overdone, particularly in the bedroom. For an updated take, go for a moody blue-green. Muddy gray undertones look sophisticated while providing the peaceful vibe you’re seeking. Greens, blues and grays tend to be the most calming bedroom colors, and this shade combines all three.


While ebony might not be the first color you envision for your bedroom, you’ll be surprised at how cozy you’ll feel when the walls evoke the night sky. Black pain can also help a small space look larger and amplify the effect of natural light. To avoid overwhelming with darkness, go with light-colored bedding and accessories.

Forest Green

Homeowners have been drawn to green for the past few years thanks to its ability to bring the outdoors inside. If you want to create the feel of nature in your boudoir, forest green is a sophisticated choice that combines a calming effect with the opulence of a deep dramatic hue.

Warm White

The trend toward minimalism has made white a popular choice for interior painting. Although pure winter white is crisp and clean, it’s a bit too stark for the bedroom. Go with a warm off-white with creamy yellow undertones for a more subtle effect. Layering various shades of white in your bedding and accessories is a chic way to add texture.

Soft Mocha

Brown can look just as cozy as its cool-toned counterparts. Choose a muted shade of chocolate or espresso if you prefer warm colors but want to create tranquility in your sleeping space.

For high-quality results, interior painting is best done by a professional. Once you choose the perfect color for your bedroom get in touch with an experienced painter in your area to request a quote for the project.

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