If you thought choosing colors for the wedding were the end of it, think again. Now that you and your spouse are moving into a house together, you will want new colors to create a comfortable and romantic environment. Painting to suit the will of two people takes some extra thought, so be sure to enlist some local painters to help with these ideas.


Coordinate Instead of Clash

Maybe one of you likes pale lavender and the other neon orange. These two colors may not look great together, but if you slide them a bit on the color spectrum, you can make it work. One way is to subdue the neon a bit and lean the lavender closer to pink. Your contractor can give you other great ideas to coordinate your favorite colors for the ideal interior painting solution that makes you both happy. Keep trying different combinations until you both like them, compromise should make everyone happy, not upset.


Consider Function and Fashion

Sometimes a color doesn’t suit a room because of what you want to use it for. If your living room is primarily for relaxing with your favorite beverage at the end of a long day, then steer clear of bright colors that may distract you. Use those bold colors as part of an exterior painting project instead. Local painters can supply you with all the info you need to decide what colors are suitable for different rooms in your home.


Moving into a new home with your new spouse can seem intimidating at first, but if you work as a team then you can accomplish anything. Home painters are a font of knowledge you should tap when it comes time to redecorate your new home. You and your spouse can enjoy colors you like in appropriate settings that feel comfortable and invite you to spend time together.

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