What You Need to Know About Paint Before Your Next Big Project


Taking on a home renovation project can always be a fun activity, especially when it comes to painting your interiors and exteriors for your own custom look. However, it’s important to note exactly what kind of paint to use before going ahead with any major changes. Here are some various types of paint that make for great interior and exterior painting, and how best to apply them to your home.


Before getting started on any painting at all, it’s best to look into adding a base coat first. Base coats are important for acting as a primer for your texture paints, the ones that show off the colors and styles you want to see looking professionally done on your wall. A high-quality base coat ensures that your walls or ceilings have a nice blank canvas for your other finish coats to adhere to, meaning it won’t only look nicer but it will last longer as well.


Meanwhile, when it comes to interior or exterior painting, different types of texture paint look best in different areas of the home. Matte coats, for instance, are great for use on interior walls as it works well for covering up any unsightly bumps, cracks or other problem areas. If you need something to use on wood or metal surfaces, glossy paints are essential for these surfaces due to its shiny finish. It not only makes the application last longer, but it can help make cleaning cabinets or tabletops a breeze, as well. Flat finish paints, used mostly in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, is highly durable and helps maintain a longer lasting finish coat in common areas of the home that see a lot of moisture.


Overall, when you’re looking to begin an interior or exterior painting project, finding the right paint to use beforehand is key to a job well done. Following these tips and using a base coat before a finish coat ensures a beautiful, durable result you’ll be proud to show off.