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Tips for a Clean and Masterful Result

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It is important to distinguish between a residential painter and one that specializes in commercial buildings because it is a different skillset. A house painter might not be able to produce the results needed in a commercial space due to a different body of knowledge and experience. There are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your commercial painting looks like it was done by an experienced professional.


Start the job by purchasing a paint that is high in quality and easy to clean on a regular basis. In a commercial environment, it is critical that you can quickly remove handprints, scuff marks and other impurities that might occur on your walls. A paint that is high in quality will also not fade or chip prematurely.


In addition to the right paint, the materials you use should also be superior. You want to choose brushes that will not shed as you use them and rollers that are going to glide easily up and down the walls. This allows for an even application and a lower risk of making mistakes that will be visible once the paint is dry. Make sure to use the proper brushes for corners too so that you can ensure clean lines and no overlapping onto the baseboards.


Once you are ready to start painting, the space needs to be sufficiently illuminated. You might consider some industrial lighting for this purpose. If there are any shadows in the space, this could result in uneven painting and a finished product that looks patchy.


You can see that with the right information, you can ensure a stunning result should you attempt your own commercial painting. If you have only performed residential painter services make sure that you learn about how business and home environments differ before you start the work to ensure everything goes as planned.