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Different Interior Painting Techniques You Could Use

Painting techniques

There is a lot more to a new coat of paint than simply applying some new colors. There are numerous types of techniques that can be implemented to great effect. When you hire professionals to handle your home’s interior painting, you should ask if they know about these tricks.


First, there is sponging. This technique adds a certain amount of texture to your walls. It is extremely simple to do. A standard sponge is dipped in paint and is then applied to the surface. For the best texture possible, a natural or porous type of sponge needs to be used.


There is also striping. This is when the painter wants to apply a color to a specific area of the room. Durable masking tape is applied, and this allows the painter to make clean, straight lines. After the paint is applied, the tape is removed. Your wall will then have perfectly applied paint.


For homeowners wanting to add shapes to their walls, they should ask their interior painting contractors about stenciling. This is most commonly performed in houses with a country theme. These stencils can be added to any location on the wall. They can be put in the middle of a wall or right on the border where one wall meets another.


Finally, you should ask your painters about murals. Most people simply hang paintings and other artworks to a wall. However, you can have a work of art added directly to the surface if you have painters who know how to do murals. These are great to add to kids’ rooms. You could opt for something sophisticated, or go for a landscape.


These are just a few of the interior painting techniques you can take advantage of. Talk to a professional if you are unsure which one is best for your needs. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you and your family are satisfied.