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Get Ready for New Colors

New colors are a great way to cap off your spring cleaning, but there are some important steps to take before beginning. Whether you are looking to brighten your living room or add a contrast wall in the kitchen, here is what you need to know before painters start work in your home.


Protect Your Belongings

For interior painting, you will need to remove as much as possible from the room that will be painted. This includes taking down picture frames and wall art. Any furniture that is too big to be moved should have a slip cover put over it in case paint drips anywhere. Any interior painting job should only start after everything possible has been removed from the room.


What to Tape


You will first want to think about the furniture you couldn’t remove. If you can move it from the wall, then you won’t have to tape it. However, some large entertainment centers and bedroom sets sit flush with the wall and either won’t move or are just too difficult to shift. You will need tape to protect these items. After that, you should also tape outlets, light switches and your floor and crown molding.


A Clean, Solid Surface


In both interior and exterior painting, your color will bind better if the surface is clean and in good shape. Cracked or bubbling walls should be looked at, otherwise the color could come right off. Your painters should also let you know if a surface is to dirty to paint on, any particles left on the wall during painting can show up as undesirable textures or cause paint to flake off.


Professional painters can guide you through all the required prep work before a painting project. Many times, they will even help with certain steps. Talk to your painter before starting to make sure all the necessary steps are being followed.