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Faux Painting Finishes

A faux finish is an inexpensive way to get a wall finish that mimics other, more expensive materials. One new faux painting method mimics the look of wallpaper and it’s making a comeback. Local painters often know these techniques, so consider getting this done by a professional. Here are some of the wallpaper styles you can create with a coat of paint.


Stripes of All Kinds

It may seem easier to create stripes by laying on a layer of wallpaper, but it’s just as easy to lay down masking tape to create stripes of any thickness you desire. Instead of restricting yourself to available wallpaper, you can modify colors and even vary the thickness of different stripes. Interior painting gives you many more options than wallpaper, and when it’s time for a change, is easy to do over.


Flowers With Stencils


Maybe you would like an updated version of your grandmother’s flower-print wallpaper. With some paint and a stencil, you can! There are stencils that repeat in small patterns or large, with birds, flowers, polka dots or geometric shapes. Like with stripes, painting this style of wall lets your painters create interesting modifications such as a single red rose in a field of yellow or colors randomly spread around a room.


Borders and Accents


One way wallpaper looks different from paint is the top border. However, that border is often the hardest part of the wallpaper to remove later. The above methods, masking tape and stencils, can be combined to create your own border with paint that is easy to change later.


Faux looks can be used in interior or exterior painting, and there are a lot of looks you can recreate. If you are a fan of wallpaper, talk to your painters about how to recreate your favorite look. Whether you want stripes, flowers or bold shapes, this is easily achieved with paint.