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How To Choose The Best Paint Color For Your Home

Before starting a painting project in your home there are a couple of obvious choice you’ll have to make, including the paint color. While you may be ready to rush to the store to select your favorite shade of blue or red, it’s important to first understand how these colors will not only affect your home’s decor, but your mood, too! Colors have a strong effect on the way we feel, which is why it’s important to take that into consideration before you paint your home.

If you are looking for ideas on painting rooms in your home or office, take a moment to think about the emotional responses these colors may evoke. If you are looking to provide a stress reducing and calming influence, green is a good color to bring in. Some people like blue in the bedroom, as it can be helpful in warding off insomnia for good and relaxing sleep. Blue has also been shown to promote imagination. Consider the colors used in areas where people gather and utilize colors that promote excitement, conversation and creativity.


Another color tip: take time to personally assess how certain colors affect you. The trick is not to take too much time to think about it. Quickly jot down your feelings and impressions of certain colors. How did they make you feel? How do others respond to the same shades and colors? Think about why you like a color and resist others.


Study the rooms you want to paint. One suggestion for a dining room would be yellow. You want to encourage family interaction and appetite. It is a warm and upbeat color. Add varying shades of orange accents to also stimulate appetite. Study or work areas may warrant green for a refreshing feeling, along with small areas of violet for contrast.


Take the time to look around you and see how others have used color. Try out samples and ask others’ opinions. Studying how paint color affects mood may help you enjoy these spaces even more when the time comes to paint.
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